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Thanksgiving menu planner

Thanksgiving Menu Planner

November 18, 2020

Thanksgiving Menu Planner

Whether you are inviting the whole family over for dinner or just a few friends and neighbors, planning ahead will help you stay organized. A printable Thanksgiving menu planner is a great way to prepare for the big day.


How to use this Thanksgiving menu planner

Write down which of your Thanksgiving guests are bringing each dish. Does your Aunt make the best green bean casserole? Is your brother an expert at smoking a turkey? Could your neighbor bring some home made cranberry relish?

Let everyone join in sharing their best recipes and stay organized on one sheet of paper.



thanksgiving menu plan

FREE Printable Thanksgiving Menu Planner



The Thanksgiving Shopping List

Along with the menu planner, the shopping list is a must for holiday organization. Plan before you head to the grocery store so that you don’t have to go back to a busy store once you have already started cooking.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving you may need to prepare your home for extra people. You should buy the ingredients that are required for the recipes you are bringing to the gathering, but don’t forget other essential items. Having plenty of ice, refilling the table salt and pepper shakers, or getting plenty of hand soap and bathroom tissue can be just as important at the menu.



thanksgiving shopping list

FREE Printable Thanksgiving Shopping List



Consider celebrating Thanksgiving with less plastic waste this year

Our previous blog shared a few ideas for how you could make more environmentally friendly choices this Thanksgiving. Include some Eco-conscious choices in your Thanksgiving plan this year to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

Choose bamboo products instead of plastics. Use washable fabric table linens instead of plastic disposable versions of table decor. You can also share the responsibility of washing the dishes.



We wish you and your loved ones a memorable Thanksgiving this year. We hope that our Thanksgiving menu planner helps you stay organized and less stressed during turkey day.

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