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Free and Cheap Holiday Activities for the Family

December 14, 2020

The winter holidays can be tough on your pocketbook, but it doesn’t have to be. Families who have traditions and favorite holiday activities can make lasting holiday memories, without spending money.


1. See the Lights

A visual display that is unique to the season is worth enjoying. Driving around the neighborhood may cost you a little gas, but this cheap holiday activity is a favorite tradition in many families.


2. Family Game Night

We love the idea of family game night so much that we wrote an entire article about “10 Reasons to Bring Back Family Game Night.” Board games are fun holiday activities that you and your family can enjoy together time and time again.


3. Volunteer

The holidays can be a very difficult time for many people, which makes it the perfect time to volunteer. Local organizations need people to sort donated items, share information in the community, and hand out food or goods.

Volunteering is one of the holiday activities that is rewarding in unexpected ways. Your family can learn a great deal by showing humanity to the people around you.


4. Friendly Competition

Introduce a bit of friendly competition to the household chores to give your kids some excitement. The winner gets to pick the movie for movie night!

Who can clean their room, or finish their list of chores the fastest? Who has the best cookie decoration idea? Who is the best present wrapper?



5. Get Creative

Grandparents and family members will cherish hand drawn holiday cards from the kids. Learn to make paper ornaments of garland for the tree. There are numerous ideas for cheap holiday crafts online that are great holiday activities for kids and adults.



6. Baking

Sugar, flour, butter, and other baking ingredients are relatively in expensive. Sharing baked goods with neighbors and family members is also a way to share joy during the holiday season.

See our "How to Make Sugar Cookies for Santa" in this linked article.


7. Sing Together

Whether you join a local choir or just sing in you home, singing together is fun. Singing doesn’t cost a thing!


8. Holiday Movie Night

Does your family have a favorite or a few favorite holiday movies? Watching the classic movies together and having a few snacks is a great way to build a tradition that your children can carry with them into adulthood.


9. Send Some Love

Put a letter to someone special, deployed troops, or a grandparent in the mail. Taking the time to write an actual letter is a lost art, but that makes it a more special way to share love and encouragement.


10. Visit Loved Ones and Neighbors

The holidays are a great time to connect to your family and community. Make some time to visit people, share stories face to face, and bring joy to one another. Showing kindness is often a free, but very valuable holiday activity. (COVID 19 Update: Practice safety with consideration to the current pandemic)


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