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10 FREE Ways to Practice Self Care at Home

November 23, 2020

Focusing on self care doesn’t have to cost a thing. While it’s nice to get a massage or spend a day at the spa, there are a number of ways that you can practice self care for free each day. This article highlights 10 daily habits that you can use to practice self care.


1. Stretch

With the increasing number of jobs that require sitting at a computer, it’s important to keep in mind that your body needs to move. Stretching increases blood flow and activity to the areas that don’t always get the movement that they need.

Some other benefits of stretching include increased flexibility, better posture, the potential to decrease pain in your legs and back, and stress relief.


2. Choose Water

The best way to hydrate your body is to drink water. There are plenty of options for beverages to drink through out the day, but water without the added sugar, color, and flavors is always a good choice for self care.

Giving the cells in our bodies what they need to function, water delivers oxygen, removes toxins and waste, and transports water soluble nutrients where they are needed. Water serves as the most valuable resource for your organs and their function to keep you healthy.


3. Focus on Breathing

Mindfulness is a trending topic in the health and wellness community, and for good reason. We spend a lot of time being busy in our routines and daily tasks. Taking a short break to focus on you breath is the most simple form of meditation.

Practicing mindfulness through breathing can have a positive impact on your mental health by allowing you to take a calming break. Close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths, focusing on the feeling of the air filling your lungs and releasing.


4. Pause Technology

Technology has put a dynamic and unlimited source of entertainment and information in our hands and our homes. A step toward self care could mean intentionally looking away from the screens that fill our lives.

Psychological studies are connecting screen time to issues with falling and staying asleep. There are also indications that our technology may be contributing to an increase in depression and anxiety. Headaches, muscle strain from bad posture, and signs of harmful addictive behavior can be added to the list of health issues associated with an over use of technology.

Setting limitations for yourself and how much time you spend engaged with your tech devices is a way to practice self care.


5. Dance

A simple practice of self care is to move your body the way you feel comfortable moving. Dancing is not just a way to exercise, it can be a form of expression and engage your mind as well.

Moving your body freely can produce endorphins in your body, leaving you feeling joyful or with a sense of relief.


6. Fresh Air and Sunlight

Sunlight on your skin triggers the production of vitamin D in your body, which has a number of benefits in your body. While some sunlight is good, over exposure can burn your skin. Find a good balance of wearing protection for your skin while enjoying the large number of benefits from spending time outdoors.

Among the numerable list of benefits for spending time out doors is increased concentration, creativity, and mental clarity.


7. Laughter

We all know the phrase that “laughter is the best medicine.” Find more reasons to laugh during the day. Laughing not only helps to relieve stress, lower your blood pressure, and improves your heart health, it also attracts other people to you.


8. Giving Kindness

Giving can be a very rewarding experience for anyone, and kindness is free. Connecting to other people benefits your mental health, attitude, and sense of purpose.

Call someone on the phone that may be lonely. Give a co-worker a compliment on their impact on a project. Write a note to your spouse to show your appreciation.


9. Organize

Self care often means reducing stress for yourself. Organization in your home, at work, and in your schedule is a great way to help yourself by taking the chaos away from your day.

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10. Give Yourself a Break

Stress is a big factor in your health. Making an impact on your blood pressure, hormones, mental focus, and even your digestion, reducing stress is important.

Identify the things in your life that are causing you stress. Take a break from those things, even if it’s just for a few moments. It may be time to analyze your relationship with that person, activity, or thing that is negatively impacting you, and decide to break away or make a resolution.



We hope this list sparked some inspiration for making some small or even big changes toward your self care. Our goal is to provide you with information in our Blog to help you have happy and healthy life.

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